PharmaTill Epos System

PharmaTill is a robust epos system exclusively developed for pharmacy, trusted and used by hundreds of pharmacists in the UK. Easy to use, yet packed with features PharmaTill helps to run your pharmacy smoothly and efficiently. Using the latest technology and powered by our wealth of experience and knowledge in pharmacy and IT, PharmaTill offers a sophisticated epos solution for your pharmacy.


Easy to Use

Carefully designed screens in touch screen system make it easy for your staff to process sales swiftly. Most of the functionality is provided in the sales screen so you serve customers quickly.

Efficient Stock Control

With PharmaTill, you can maintain accurate stock control. Sales, order, stock adjustment are tracked with date and time so you can easily see the stock movement. It helps you order efficiently by looking at the product's sales history, so you can avoid wastage.


Chemist and Druggist Weekly Update

PharmaTill comes with a full C&D data on installation. With Automatic weekly C&D update you can be assured you are selling at the right price. The system also gives a warning if your selling price is less than C&D price.

Promotional Offers

To increase sales and clear stock, it is easy to set up various promotions like Buy One Get One Free, Price reductions etc. and print shelf edge labels.


Integrated Card Processing - including Contactless

Integrated card processing via internet enables you to process debit/card payments swiftly and directly thereby avoiding human error


Order via Internet

In PharmaTill, you can send orders to all major suppliers through the internet. You can also compare the prices of different suppliers and send your order to the cheapest supplier.

Useful Reports

Very useful reports like Top Seller, Non Seller, Excess Stock, Top Profiteers help you sell more and avoid stock waste



In PharmaTill all activities are recorded and monitored. You control which staff can do what activity. Price change, discounts and sensitive reports etc. can be set to be only done by selected staff.

PharmaTill Head Office System

PharmaTill Head Office System offers one point control of all your pharmacy branches running PharmaTill EPOS software.

Sales, orders, stock, audit records, etc of any of your pharmacy branches can be viewed at the Head Office system.

PharmaTill Back Office System

PharmaTill Back Office System offers the option of performing various pharmacy operations without disturbing the front till.

 Price changes, sending and receiving orders, setting up promotions, printing shelf edge labels..